Uses of Utility Knife

How to Use of Kitchen Utility Knife

Few cutting tools come greater than the utility knife. The knife is perfect for almost anything – slicing, dicing, and chopping. But we can’t expect a knife to do everything. 

With this in mind, we have identified the top uses of utility knife you should know. With this information, you can better understand the value you’ll be getting from one of your go-to kitchen tools.

  • Cutting meat: Cutting raw meat is one of the most demanding kitchen tasks, as it never goes smoothly. However, the job still has to be done. When it comes to that, the utility knife can make a massive difference to your cutting experience. It makes cutting neat and straightforward. The Vie Belles utility knife, for instance, is designed from sturdy, high-quality steel to ensure that you use it for as long as possible. Its hand-crafted handle sits perfectly in your palm, allowing you to slice pounds of meat without getting blisters.
  • Slicing cheese: Utility knife enables you to slice cheese the easy way. Its compact build enables you to perfectly carve every shape of wedge, wheel, and chunk.
  • Cutting mid-sized fruits and vegetables: You’ll find a utility knife to be handy for tasks such as cutting large potatoes, apples, cucumbers, and small winter squash.
  • Slicing sandwiches: A utility knife is the perfect cutting tool for slicing sandwiches, especially if you’re looking to yield perfect tomato slices without bruising. It is also designed such that it easily cuts through tough-skinned foods without crushing.
  • Cutting citrus: Whether you’re looking to work with limes, oranges, or lemons, you’ll find a utility knife to be the perfect tool for the job.



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