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Soup Pots: How to Choose Right

Soup Pots: How to Choose Right

If you are looking to cook more complex recipes, then a soup pot (also known as a stock or cooks pot) might be exactly what you need. A stock pot has been the go-to cookware for most households not only because it can enhance a kitchen but also because it is versatile enough for any recipe and kitchen.

Soup Pots: How to Choose Right

You will find it useful whether you are looking to braise meats, make stocks, prepare tomato sauce, cook pasta, or just anything you can think of. But before you part with your money, you want to make sure that you are getting a pot that will serve you well.

Here are the things you should look for in a good stock pot:

  • Size: If you can get the right size, a stock pot will prove to be your most versatile one-pot cooking tool. A soup pot typically ranges between 8-inches and 13.5 inches or more. The size you get will depend on the quantity of food that you cook or what use you intend to put it to. For example, if you're the type who makes big batches of veggie broth and freeze it, then you may consider going with an 11-inch soup pot. Soup pots that measure 13.5-inches may seem too huge for some people. If, on the other hand, you prefer to cook in small batches or are looking to make soup, then a 9.5-inch soup pot should serve you well. A good stock pot should be large enough to cover the entire food with room to spare.
  • Materials: One of the major deciding factors for the right soup pot to go for is the material that the pot is made of. The versatility of a stock pot may be limited if it is not made from the right material, especially its base. Some of the materials stock pots are made of include aluminum, cast iron, stainless, copper, nonstick as well as a host of others. Each of these pieces has their positives and drawbacks. The goal for you, however, should be to go with the one that is healthiest and non-reactive. This is why ceramic cookware is one of the best cooking gadgets you can get. With them, you need not worry about traces of metals or dangerous chemicals that could leach from the cooking surface and affect the flavor of your food or cause damage to your health.
  • Handle: A good cook pot should have a handle that is sturdy and well-constructed. You want to feel secure when you're lifting your soup or other food.
  • Shape: Depending on your height, you can go with either tall or short soup pots. If tall, you shouldn’t have issues using a tall soup pot, as it allows less dissipation of water from food. It is recommended that you go with a shape that works for your height.
  • Conductivity: By its very nature, a soup pot is designed to heat rapidly as well as simmer long and evenly. A good soup pot should have this capability as a minimum requirement.


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