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Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Food Processor

Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Food Processor

Having the right appliances in the kitchen can help make for a faster and better cooking. A food processor is a must-have if you are looking to get the hard work in your kitchen out of the way. This is as it makes it easy for you to handle kitchen prep tasks like pureeing, chopping, blending, and mixing.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Food Processor

However, it is essential that you choose wisely otherwise you would end up with an equipment that is more of a hindrance than an appliance that whizzes through any kitchen prep task as you would have liked.

The under listed information should help guide your purchase decisions:

  • Bowl capacity matters. Food processors come in different shapes and sizes. When buying, you should consider going for one that holds between 11 to 14 cups, depending on the size of your family. Also, a bigger food processor would be perfect if you cook for a group of friends or cook bigger meals for storage very often. A processor with a large-capacity bowl enables you to make bigger batches, which saves time. However, if you are the type that processes only a few amount of food most times, a smaller processor that holds around 7 cups would do just fine.
  • Check the blades. A food processor is only as good as the blades it is equipped with. When making your purchase, consider going for the one that has several blades for different tasks. Different blades perform different prep jobs. You will need a blade for chopping, another for pureeing, grinding, etc. Also, do not forget to check the processor blade material. If money isn’t an issue, you should go for stainless steel blades, as they are tough and corrosion-resistant.
  • When buying that food processor, you want to ensure that it has all the tools necessary to execute the tasks you will put it to. For instance, if you want versatility, then you should buy a food processor with a jug blender attachment; it will give you the flexibility you need. Having a jug blender attachment will allow you to do perform several functions like processing food, blending smoothies, etc. If you are a baker, you may consider going for a product that is offered with wire beaters or a dough blade. Also, you should consider whether or not the processor features dishwater-safe accessories if you have a dishwasher, as it will save you the pain of having to wash them by hand.
  • Feeding tube size. Larger feeding tubes allow you to process bigger foods without first having to chop them up.
  • Warranties protect you by guaranteeing that the processor operates as it should. Home appliances usually carry warranties of up to one year. If you can find processors with longer warranties, then go for them, as they offer more assurance of quality.
  • Body build. Goes without saying that processors that feature wider bases and sturdy body make better appliances, provided they meet the specifications above. This is because the wide bases provide enough support, preventing the equipment from dancing on the kitchen counter.
  • By its very nature, a food processor is designed to handle different jobs. Depending on the use you intend to put it to, you may want to get a product that offers more than just on, off, and pulse controls. If you intend to use it to mix the dough, for example, you will need a processor that provides speed controls, since you may need to utilize different mixing speeds.


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