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Vie Belles Luxury Pro Chef Knife

Vie Belles’ Luxury Pro 8-Inch Chef’s Knife: A Cutting Tool that Makes All the Difference

Often, every chef likes to have a variety of knives at their disposal and then select the right tool for each situation. But what if you know about a general chef knife that can perform almost any cutting task?

Vie Belles Luxury Pro Chef Knife

This piece introduces you to the Vie Belles’ Luxury Pro Chef’s Knife, a multipurpose tool that is designed to tackle many different kitchen tasks, including mincing, chopping, slicing, etc.

The Luxury Pro stands out with a unique and striking design. But that’s not all that there is about this premium professional kitchen wonder. Here’s why the Luxury Pro is a must-have for every chef:

Vie Belles Luxury Pro Chef Knife

  • It is an 8-inch knife: Chef knives are offered in different sizes. While preferences may vary, 8-inch knives come highly recommended, especially if you plan on cutting large food. The Luxury Pro’s large size makes it ideal for larger jobs such as chopping root vegetables and cutting meat, or high precision tasks like dicing garlic.
  • Stainless steel blades: Another feature that makes the Luxury Pro such an indispensable multi-tool of the kitchen is that its blade has been fully forged from the premium VG-10 steel core, which is arguably the most sought after blade on the planet. Incorporating this high-end Japanese steel makes the Luxury Pro highly resistant to corrosion, hold a keen edge (due to the hardness of the inner core), and more durable (because of the layers the flexible and stain-resistant stainless steel). What’s more, the edge is easy to re-sharpen and maintain. Hence, the Luxury Pro is recommended for those who are looking for a unique, handcrafted chef knife with a blade that is soft and resilient enough to absorb impact stress without shattering.

Vie Belles Luxury Pro Chef Knife

  • Contoured handle: The Luxury Pro’s contoured handle makes it safe and easy to use. The knife’s Cocobolo wood handle provides a more protective finish and adds a touch of beauty. In addition to the three-rivet handle, the full tang and widened brass bolsters make the Vie Bells’ Luxury Pro one of the most classic knives you’ll ever see. The full tang construction helps to provide strength and balance, giving you precise cutting control regardless of the task being carried out.

Vie Belles Luxury Pro Chef Kife

Finished to perfection, the Vie Belles’ Luxury Pro 8 is one of the most comfortable and maneuverable chef knives you will find. Its grip, balanced weight, as well as the functional and beautiful design makes it ideal for everyday use.  

Vie Belles Luxury Pro Chef Knife



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