How to Care for Your Knife Block?

How to Care for Your Knife Block?

Knife blocks are crucial for accident-prevention purposes. They also help provide a safe and convenient means of storing your knives. However, if not properly maintained, your knife block can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

So it’s crucial that you clean it once a month to prevent any growth, especially if you use knives regularly. In this article, we have identified the steps you can take to keep your knife block clean and your knives ready for use.

Cleaning Your Knife Block

You can take the following steps to clean your knife block:

Step One: Remove the crumbs that may have gathered inside the knife block

First remove any knives stored in the block, then turn it upside down and shake out any crumbs or debris it may have collected. Tap the underside of the block using a hard material such as a hammer to loosen debris that’s stuck to the bottom. You can also use a can of compressed air to remove crumbs and other loose debris. It is crucial to do this before the block comes in contact with water, as crumbs tend to be harder to remove once they’re wet.

Step Two: Hand wash the knife block

The next step is to hand wash the block in hot soapy water. Scrub out the knife slots using a small brush. Rinse the knife block thoroughly with clean water. After that, use a mild bleach solution to sanitize the block. The bleach solution should consist of one tablespoon of 5.25% household bleach with 1-gallon lukewarm tap water.

Let the solution sit for one minute, then rinse the knife block and slots. You can use vinegar or hydrogen peroxide in place of bleach. Rinse the block and slots with clean water.

Step Three: Dry the Block

Finally, place the knife block upside down on a clean surface to dry.


To prevent mold and bacterial buildup, it is recommended to wash knives after each use. Allow them to dry completely before putting them back in the knife block.  



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