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The Vie Belles Story   

Hand-crafted knives, cookware and dinnerware. Designed in Canada and made for everyone.

Vie Belles designs premium cutlery, kitchenware and cookware in Vancouver, Canada, an area rich with natural resources. Our products fuse ancient Eastern inspiration with attentive, small-batch production processes. So you receive products that are not only beautiful, but also surpass the competition in quality.

Vie Belles brings people together to enjoy the pleasure of cooking - and has been doing so for 10 years.

Vie Belles

Unparalleled craftsmanship

We believe that only the best will do -- almost 200 hours can go into manufacturing a single knife. Our flagship kitchen knives use rare materials such as cocobolo wood from Latin America (the same as high-end luxury watch boxes) and Japanese Damascus steel.

This attention to detail trickles down into every product that Vie Belles makes. Even our basic knife requires 50+ hours to create by hand. Yet you get the same sense of occasion every time you use one of our precision tools.

Lasting quality

With 99% 5-star reviews, customers clearly love their Vie Belles products. Your Vie Belles knives stay sharper, your cookware stays smoother and your dinnerware remains chip-free -- for years to come. They provide exceptional quality that’s designed to be handed down, from one generation to the next.

Vie Belles
Vie Belles

Accessible pricing for all

With a direct-to-you model we’re able to provide the lowest price to you. No dealers, no middlemen. We’ve done this since day one, and give you the best products at the best price possible.


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