Vie Belles Canada HR

The world is constantly changing and so are our jobs! Instead of traditional applications, please check out the departments below to get a sneak-peek into the beautiful people and roles behind Vie Belles.

We believe very strongly in the Law of Attraction. If you have someone who can endorse your application, the chances of getting in the door increases significantly.

Unlike the casino, sending us multiple emails will not increase your chance of winning. Trust us when we say that we have received your resume. You will hear from us if there is a fit!

If there is a department that you or someone you know is interested and will elevate in - send your resume and cover letter to


Supply Chain & Merchandise Management

Planners, allocators, merchants – we are a busy team. You can find us buried in a sea of reports, as we focus on meeting all business strategies in the most effective manner!
We work closely with finance and our stores to ensure store/merchandise plans are aligned for optimal sales efficiency. Having a strong relationship with the Design and Production teams, we make certain that everything we create supports our financial plan. We also manage the distribution inventory levels and are responsibility for products being sent to stores.

Taking on alternative channels (e-commerce, wholesale, etc), we wish to grow our business to a whole new level! It’s a big job, and our team doesn't hold back. If you have an eye for design and taste for numbers – we are always open to talk with merchants from all stages and channels!


Administration, Warehouse

We direct, ship, manage, order, prepare, and organize. Often, we are found beneath a large growing pile of packages, working hard on shipping them to the four corners of the world! We also help with security access, facility/space planning, and leading fascinating tours of the building.


Finance & Financial Planning

Our primary goal is to make sure that our company operates efficiently and profitably. We process, record, report and analyze. We work closely with investors and everyone within the company. We help design and monitor internal controls to ensure company budgets, strategic plans, and external regulatory requirements are adhered to. We are also the payroll team for all of our North American-based employees. We are always looking for CA/CGA/CMA Accountants of all levels and Financial Analysts who can operate an abacus.


Asset Protection

We protect our assets. Our team is breaking ground and paving the way for the future of loss prevention & asset protection. We focus on showing gratitude for what we have, rather than fighting against losses. We are all about integrity and having a strong emphasis on education, working tightly in communication with managers and partners, and training/implementing our proactive programs.


Information Technology

Some say our Technology team is brilliant - and it’s true! We maintain business applications, cloud systems, technology infrastructure, and networks. We facilitate the selection and implementation of new business systems and user department initiatives. We also provide daily support for users with desktop computers, email, phone systems, etc. Our team can be bribed with Starbucks coffee and donuts ...and for the right price, we can also set your emails to never receive junk mail again - we’re THAT good!
We are always in need of amazing Business Analysts, Project Managers, Ecomm Pros, PLM, Supply Chain, Infrastructure/Network, Developers, Support Level and anyone who knows their way around a Commodore 64.


Operational Solutions

Solutions within sales operations, is commonly referred to as the funnel. Sounds weird? But that's what we do! We collect all the departments’ initiatives and channel them towards the sales when they are relevant and timely. We streamline communications, reduce complexity and advocate for the sales so managers can be focused on educating guests and developing their people. We are passionate about the sales and are best in the world at prioritizing, simplifying, listening and empowering.  



Our training focuses on development and growth for our team. We deliver content and programs designed around our products, people, operations, and community. We share techniques for everything, from executing operating principles to holiday staff parties!


Strategic Sales and Customer Service

We are on the front lines to the ever-expanding company borders and are arguably the most attractive department of the company! All jokes aside, our team aims to create a strong network of wholesale partnerships with retail sales and wholesale across the world. These business partners introduce our culture and product to guests in new and existing markets. We build ongoing relationships with these partners and educate them on products they have chosen to stock, training them to speak powerfully about the innovation and integrity of our items. We always go for quality over quantity.


Brand Experience

We strive to make lasting differences in our communities – both on and offline. We focus on supporting our brand through many channels: print, people, events, videos, and social media - both internally and externally. We make sure our brand is appropriately represented in new markets and stay fresh in existing ones. Talk to us. We’re the creators of cool and mavens in our community.



Our online goal is to elevate the world by sharing our community, culture, and products worldwide. As a team, we are responsible for ensuring that our products are readily available to shop online, up-keeping on website operations and maintenance, and providing guests a quality experience with our interface.
Our digital playground is always changing - we like to be innovative and are always open to trying out new things!



We take care of the sourcing, manufacturing, and quality assurance of just about everything. We are socially responsible and work with our office to practice ethical sourcing, making sure our factories comply with our Code of Conduct. We get to see garment prototypes move from costing and factory manufacturing to the final delivery stages. Quality being number one, our Production team manages our stringent product standards. “Good enough” doesn’t hit the floor on our watch. We are always looking for all levels of developers to join our growing team.


Design and R&D

We live in a world of colour, trims, inspiration, and hard work. From concepts to in-store launch dates, we continuously design of what we promise in our mission statement. Creating beautiful and technical components for our customers is what we love to do!